• Give or Get a free meal

    while supporting our hawkers and F&B stalls


    Update: the Belanja Eat team will discontinue active management of the initiative, including this website on 10 August 2020

  • Thank you for supporting Belanja Eat!


    Dear hawkers, donors, onboarders and beneficiaries of Belanja Eat,


    We started Belanja Eat during the Circuit Breaker period to spread some good cheer to anyone who needs a meal while also supporting our neighbourhood hawkers. Thank you for coming forward to get this community initiative going. You have shown that kindness and the kampung spirit is well and alive! With your support, we have onboarded 184 stalls with more than 7000 meals sponsored since our launch in April 2020.


    From 10 August 2020, the Belanja Eat team will discontinue active management of this initiative. We will stop updating the Belanja Eat website, stall directory, our social media accounts, email and feedback form.


    However, we do hope that this community-led initiative will continue for as long as there are meals being Belanja-ed at each of the food stalls.


    We are grateful to each and everyone of you for joining us on this journey to spread some good cheer and kindness during this period.



    Belanja Eat team

    19 July 2020


  • Why Belanja Eat?


    We all need a Belanja (‘treat’ in Malay language) sometimes. These are hard times, but together we can get through this and come out stronger and hopefully, kinder.


    So Belanja Eat is for everyone.


    If you have some extra cash to spare, belanja someone who may need a meal today.


    If you're tight on cash this month, let someone belanja you today. Don't paiseh, when times are better, you can help someone else.

  • I need a belanja (free meal)


    Find a stall nearby

    Use this handy Map to find a stall.


    LAST UPDATED 10 AUG 2020


    Get belanja-ed

    Let the hawker know you need a Belanja Eat meal*

    No need to explain, no questions asked.


    *subject to availability of Belanja meals donated


    Enjoy your free meal at home

    Worry less, eat better.

    Don't paiseh, when things are better you can help someone else!

  • I want to belanja (treat) a meal


    Find a stall nearby

    When you go to dabao (takeaway) your own meal, select one of the stalls on this handy Map where you can find the Belanja Eat poster.


    LAST UPDATED 10 AUG 2020


    Belanja a meal(s)

    Pass the money directly to the stall holder. Draw a circle on the poster.


    Let others know

    Help us get the word out. Snap a photo of the stall & poster (we'd love to have you in it!) and share this on social media with #BelanjaEat, so others can find it!

  • I want to start a Belanja Eat

    I am a stall owner or I want to start a Belanja Eat with my favourite hawker


    Print + Permission

    Print a poster and put it up at your favourite food stall with their permission when you're buying your own meal.
    Walk them through the Belanja Eat setup checklist.


    Belanja a meal(s)

    Help get the ball rolling by belanja-ing an extra meal. Draw a circle on the poster.



    Questions? Check out our handy guide here!

  • Stalls

    Find participating hawker stalls in this list or use the map below:

    LAST UPDATED 10 AUG 2020


    Click the icon next to "Belanja Eat Store Locations" to filter by Halal / Non-Halal / Vegetarian outlet

  • Download a Belanja Eat poster now

    So that you can spark off a Belanja Eat initiative in your neighbourhood*!
    *please continue to observe social distancing practices and only do so when taking away your own meal.

  • FAQs

    1. How do I know if the people claiming the free meals are really in need? What if they are rich or just simply kiasu?

    Belanja Eat relies on an honour system. Just like all things, there will always be people who abuse it.


    Yet, in these hard times, there are truly people who need the free meal and are too paiseh to ask for help. They may also not qualify for government support or relief yet.


    That's why Belanja Eat is a no-questions-asked, no-judgement, pay-it-forward system. Have more faith in people lah.

    2. I am a stall owner. Some of my customers might need a free meal but they don't know about Belanja Eat. I also don't want to offend or embarrass them. How do I tell them that there are kind people who would like to belanja them a free meal?

    Some hawker stall owners have told us their tips! Here's some:


    a) Indirect way:

    "Hello customer! Do you know of anyone who needs a belanja?


    We got kind people who have pre-paid for some meals and it is free!


    No need to apply, no need paiseh. Super simple. Times are bad lah, that's why must help one another!"


    b) Share about Belanja Eat:

    "Wah, these are really jialat times. I'm sure a lot of people would need a free meal.


    See... this Belanja Eat project good, machiam kampung spirit lah - if you've some extra, you buy a meal for others. If you need, just take a free meal. Sharing is caring!"

    3. Do I need to "interview" every customer redeeming a free meal to make sure they are really needy?

    No lah! Please don't "interview" or reject anyone who asks for a Belanja Eat free meal.


    We can't always tell who needs a meal just based on how they look. Some may have just lost a job, or are having a hard time at home.


    Don't go and make them paiseh by interviewing them, rejecting them or staring at them up and down ok.


    We all go through rough periods and this is a challenging time. Let's help one another and trust each other more. The donors of the meals have the same trust too!

    4. What if the same customer comes back often to claim a free meal?

    It's ok! Please smile and offer the customer the free meal. Don't reject or stare at the person ok? It's not easy for the customer to be coming forward to request for a free meal. Like many of us, he/she may be going through a difficult period.

    5. I don't have a printer at home and all the printing shops are closed. How do I get a Belanja Eat poster?

    You can ask your regular customers for help? Or other stall holders?


    The poster template can be found here.


    If really cannot, drop us an email or Facebook message, and we'll help you find volunteers who stay near you who can help.

    6. What happens if no one claims a free meal?

    If no one claims a free meal after 3 days, let us know. We'll put it on social media to help promote.


    If there are more than 10 meals left unclaimed after 1 month, the stall owner can also decide to donate the cooked meals to charitable organizations or beneficiaries. You can donate the money to The Courage Fund, or go to SG United to see how else they can help.

    7. What if I run out of posters?

    If you have 20 meals (circles) donated, please stop accepting new donations. Wait till the free meals have been redeemed.


    Remember ah, don't reject anyone who asks for a free meal! We all have our bad times - let's help one another.


    If all 20 meals have been donated and redeemed (circles are ticked), please do not take down the poster. You can:


    1. Print a new poster, then take down the old one; or


    2. Paste a blank sheet of small paper over the boxes and draw lines :)

    8. How long should I put the poster up?

    As Belanja Eat is currently managed by volunteers, we plan to run this initiative to 10 August 2020. We will discontinue active management of the website & our social media operations then.


    That said, individual hawker/F&B stall owners are welcome to decide if they wish to continue with the initiative on their own - we've tried to simplify the process as much as possible so that any one can implement it!

    Kind neighbours who want to start Belanja Eat:

    1. I want to help start a Belanja Eat at my neighbourhood hawker. How to approach the hawker stall owner ah?

    Here's what works best for us so far:


    a. we usually start with "Uncle / Auntie, we want to buy people free food, you want to help?"


    b. Then show the poster and explain how people can buy a meal for others and mark a circle. Utilise the Belanja Eat setup checklist to make sure you've covered all grounds.


    When someone comes and wants to redeem a free meal, mark a tick.


    Usually at this time, they will agak-agak understand the concept.


    c. Then ask them what's their most popular or nutritious meal. If they're ok, write down the dish name and price on the poster.


    d. What's really helpful is to get the ball rolling by offering to donate a few meals!


    So we tell the Uncle / Auntie we want to donate 2-3 meals. Pass him/her the money then draw 2-3 circles.


    Then walk Uncle / Auntie through the steps again. Remind them to brief other staff running the stall too!


    If someone wants to treat a meal, then draw a new circle.


    Remind them not to "interview" or reject anyone who asks for a Belanja Eat free meal. We cannot always tell who needs a meal, just based on how they look like. Some people may have just lost their job or money is tight at home. Remember, no judgement!

  • Who are we?

    We are a group of friends who want to spread some hope, some cheer, and some yummy FOOD during these uncertain times. Some of us are going through a rough time, and we may not always know who but we know we're all going through this together, and we want to show that we care.


    This is our Singaporean take on paying it forward - Belanja!


    We are just a small group and our resources are limited. So we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use these resources to start a Belanja Eat on their own as a small act when you get your own food.
    At the same time the hawkers and F&B stalls that host our Belanjas can continue to stay in business. Win-win!

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